Our Customers Recover Thousands of Dollars Lost to Ad Fraud Each Month.

Using a DSP to run programmatic ads? We’ll find the ad fraud, and file the refund for free. We don’t get paid if you don’t get a refund. Let’s talk.

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Are You Just Another 3rd Party Fraud Tool?

No! In fact, we’re happy to work with your existing fraud vendor in order to maximize your refund. We have our own internal detection data, and license data from top vendors in the ad fraud space in order to ensure we find every penny of fraud. While we offer a pixel as backup for impression tracking, we actually prefer reading and interpreting raw logs directly from your DSP. And, unlike your traditional ad fraud tool, Fraudit has no monthly costs, we only ask for a portion of the refund.

How Does The Process Work?

It all begins with the audit. Once we connect with your DSP(s) we will either setup a secure s3 bucket for them to drop you raw logs into, or, we will provide a pixel you can append to each of your creatives that will append similar data for us. Once the data is flowing into our data warehouse, the fun beings. Each month, our team will use our own proprietary fraud data, as well as data we are licensing from some of the top minds in ad fraud, and, if you have it, your own fraud tool’s data to create a detailed impression level summary of every fraudulent impression. We will present this data to your DSP, and their supply vendors, once they approve the refund you will either receive a check for the media spend or a credit towards future media spend depending on the DSP.

Can’t I Just Use My Existing Ad Fraud Tool’s Data?

Absolutely! We’re happy to ingest logs from your existing ad fraud vendor vendor as well to ensure you are getting paid back for every cent of detected ad fraud. However, traditional ad fraud is trained to fool most 3rd party detection platforms. By conducting a detailed analysis of raw impression and click logs, Fraudit finds more fraud than traditional platforms. In many cases where traditional tools are only finding 2-5% ad fraud, Fraudit is finding > 18%. For traditional customers, we use a mixture of their MRC accredited data from their existing vendors, as well as our post bid analysis of their logs to generate the maximum refund. For customers on a DSP who may require a report generated from a traditional MRC accredited platform, we ingest those reports to create a detailed fraud analysis your vendors can’t reject!

What If I Don’t Have Access To Raw Logs?

No problem! Having dealt with a number of DSPs at this point some don’t want, or can’t provide access to the logs, while some charge high fees to access the data. In this case we offer a pixel solution we can fall back on. Simply install the pixel on each creative you are trafficking and we can begin logging the data.

How Do You Offer This Free of Charge?

Having worked with traditional ad fraud tools we were fed up with the idea of having to pay obscene CPM fees, or high monthly costs based on traffic volume. It seemed to us our vendors were profiting directly from our media spend, not from the reduction in media due to fraud detection. We wanted to change that. At Fraudit, we ask for a portion of the refund we generate for you, so we’re only incentivized to find fraud, not to increase your media spend. Ready to get your ad fraud refund?

Can You Help Me Fight Fraud Too?

Absolutely! Each month we are happy to offer you a list of the top sites we are detecting fraudulent traffic on. We also offer IP block-lists as well at an additional cost. Being well versed in fighting ad fraud we are always happy to consult on traffic quality, bench-marking the accuracy of cookie or data providers, or consulting on migration between DSPs. Drop us a line and we are happy to put together a custom contract.

Average Fraud Detection Rate

Global AD Fraud Is Estimated at $16B. *Most Tools We've Measured with Only Show 2-5% Invalid Traffic on Programmatic Campaigns. With Fraudit's Post-Bid Evaluation We've Routinely Seen Invalid Traffic Results as High as 28%, Securing Much Larger Refunds for Our Customers.

“Publishers paying handsomely for legitimate search traffic are competing against publishers paying much less for bot traffic, and the tools used by most marketers cannot tell the difference. Botty traffic vendors may defeat detection, but they never have a credible explanation for why they are able to deliver high volumes of visitors.”


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