Our History

Fraud Never Stops. Don’t Pay For It.

From Our Founder:

I started Fraudit after running ad operations teams that were in charge of $20M+ a year in media spend. Having used, or trialed almost every tool in the industry to fight fraud, it became clear to me that the old way of reporting and mitigating ad fraud had to change. It seemed every company I talked to used the same vendors and had the same talk track, bragging about how good their AI/Big Data tool was at detecting fraud. The problem was, I was still seeing fraud… everywhere.

I quickly realized that the fraud has outpaced the tools detecting it. Ad Fraud vendors were happy to sit back and profit off how many impressions we ran, but not off traffic or fraud blocked.

Still seeing considerable fraud on my advertisements, even with incredibly expensive tools and blacklists in place, I turned to my DSP to get help. They monitored their impressions with the same tools I was using, and to them, the low fraud they were detecting was “well above industry standard.” It was time to get my hands dirty.

To properly evaluate fraud I needed data, a lot of it. I began requesting the raw logs of every bid, impression, click, and conversion my DSP ever ran from me. After loading nearly a billion impression records into my data analysis tools, one thing was clear to me. Fraud was MUCH larger than I though, and the pattern analysis a typical fraud tool does was just not enough anymore. Fraud wasn’t avoiding ads protected with the latest fraud tools, it was simply getting better at hiding itself.

Call me crazy, but I started watching impressions come in, I learned exactly how human traffic, and fraudulent traffic operates. I watched in near real-time as fraud came in, fooled industry leading software, and the advertiser got charged for it. It was jaw dropping, I quickly realized the only way to truly solve this problem, was to regain that lost spend for the marketers, and Fraudit was born.

Daniel Hellerman | CEO