Ad Fraud Refunds

To most companies, the idea of recovering wasted ad spend is as elusive as Bigfoot. Not to us! Ready to start the ad fraud refund process? Click the button below. Want to know more about ad fraud refunds? Keep on scrolling!

For years, we never even thought of going after a refund for ad fraud. Once we started looking into the idea we realized just how complex our DSP & their suppliers make the process. Working with Fraudit has been game-changing. The data they provide to back up our requests is huge. Their team is well versed in what it takes to chase down these refunds. Whether it’s providing incredibly detailed impression-level fraud logs that merge multiple results from our MRC accredited fraud tools or aggressively following up with each vendor to ensure we get paid, their team has been phenomenal to work with, and we can’t thank them enough.
— Large MarTech Platform Spending Over $1M+ Monthly On A Leading DSP

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